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Closing date set!

Focusing on the good news first(while I mentally wrap my mind around Barry's performance today), around about lunch time today, I got a call from our mortgage guy, who said that our loan was all approved and underwritten, and that he had left messages with both real estate agents to set up the closing date on our house purchase.

This is good news.  My wife is fairly chomping at the bit.  Most of her nightly activity involves looking at decorating ideas on pinterest, and then staring blankly off into space while she tries to picture it in the new house.  With me getting the call at 11 about setting a closing date, my wife's answer on 'When to close' would be 'anytime after 1:30 this afternoon!' 

It won't be that soon though.  The sellers, residing 'out of town' now, will be in town next week, so the closing date is set for next Thursday, the 24th.  That will then give us a little over a month to get moved, as our lease on this rental house is up at the end of February.

After some initial consternation about the vastly increased paperwork burden and financial disclosures required to purchase a house in 2012-13 vs. 2004, things have gone pretty smooth.  The home inspection findings were minor and all were fixed by the seller, and we are actually paying less than originally agreed upon.  The VA appraisal put the value at $3500 less than we had originally signed papers at, and so the sellers agreed to drop the price.  That was cool, and one of those 'you don't know what will happen until you ask deals', because we were willing to make up the difference out of pocket if needed.  But, I'm very glad it wasn't needed. 

Now we can spend that money on a new couch!  Yay!


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