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It's a major award!

So, due to the fact that I long ago mastered my 'Don't I Look Concerned Face' back when I was in the Navy, a few of my employees at work submitted me for a safety award.  There were a few things to choose from, and I selected a hydration backpack.

Now...it didn't come with the smiley face stickers...those are covering the company logo printed on the backpack, at my wifes recommendation, as I occasionally make less than 100% complimentary comments about the way things go at work.

Sometimes, that smart wife knows better than me.

Anyway...I couldn't find a brand name, so it's not a Camel Back in Disquise...and it's not big.  This isn't a full size backpack that happens to have a bladder, it's a bladder backpack that happens to have a little storage.  That can still come in handy around here.

It looks very usefull for hiking/scouting during summer and early fall.  It would be nice to have 2 liters of water, and there is enough storage for all the things you should bring in the woods with you....firestuff, flashlight, TP, some rations in the side pouchs, while the main pouch is big enough for a warmer pair of socks, and some type of tightly rolled up jacket or fleece.

So, it's not a bug out bag, but I do see it coming in handy.

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