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Too much stupid for 1 story

I'm not even sure where to start on this story out of Colorado, about the folks who are going to hold a candlelight vigil for an elk that was shot by an on-duty police officer.

Okay, that's lie, because in the middle of a sea of stupid, THIS stuck out:

 "I don't see a whole lot of difference between the shooting of this defenseless elk and the shooting of school children in Connecticut," one vigil attendee told KCNC.

Stop.  Just stop.  I've read a lot of dumb things in my life, but that has got to be the dumbest.  No wonder there is no one's name attached to that quote...saying you don't understand the difference between shooting an elk and a kindergartner is a good way to end up the most hated person in America.

After that, the fact that people are having a vigil for an elk hardly looks stupid at all. 

But, shooting an elk in a neighborhood and having one of your buddies through it in the back of his truck is pretty stupid too...especially when you think you can get away with it because you are a cop.  What this guy did was poaching...there is not other word for it. 

The Police Chief already said they didn't follow the 'protocol', which is spokespersonese for 'you are going to be hung out to dry.'


  1. Wow. That IS quite ab it of stupid for one story! I'm actually kind of impressed...

  2. Oh, I knew lots of such in my last city of residence. I laughed, I cried. I did save one single woman from that madness. Bit by bit, one thing at a time. We aren't together anymore, but remain friends. She just in the last six months, finally, admitted that hunters are not only good, but if it weren't for hunters, most of "her precious" (I quote because she has done squat to truly preserve it) wild-scapes and wildlife would be gone. Gah but it's murder getting these people away from their stupid. Although it can be deliciously fun.