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Genre Jumper

As someone who 'came of age' in the 1990's, while I can't say I was a huge Hootie and the Blowfish fan, I did occasionally sing along with their music.

I can, however, say that I am an increasingly big fan of Darius Rucker, country artist. The fact that his first 4 songs all hit #1 on the country chart shows I am not alone.  He has a smooth, easy to listen to voice(his range is actually right in my karaoke wheelhouse) and, not to get all racial, but there is a void he is filling....Charlie Pride's last song that charted was back in 1988.

Darius once said he was looking to take a 3-4 album break from Hootie.  With his third album do out this year, I hope he decides to stick around a bit longer.

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  1. I used to like Hootie. But I blew so far past them and beyond "black friendship" after enough encounters that I stopped caring for quotas. Love him if you must, just don't trust your wife, daughters, or even dog near him. Just... telling you straight up. Don't be an idiot. Or, quit it. Really really.