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I chose poorly...

Very cool story from the Everett Herald about the Washington State DOT crews that use surplus M60 tanks to help keep Stevens Pass open for the winter.  The problem isn't so much the snow that falls on the roads, it's the snow that falls on the slopes over the road, which can cause avalanches that will block the roads.

Picture from the Everett Herald Story
I totally blame my guidance counselor for not telling me you could get jobs like this working for the DOT.  That's WAY cooler than holding signs during road work.  Oh sure, it's not all fun...you have clean two feet of snow off the tank first, and you need to make sure you clean up your brass when you are done...but that certainly looks like a 'whistle while you work' type of job.  


  1. I wonder if they reload their brass? That would be fun too! If not quite as fun as driving, targeting, or commanding the actual tank. I'll bet the commander doesn't have to do any of the shoveling! Well, if it is run like the military. :p

    My recruiter, when I joined the Navy, had gotten a ticket in Cali... for driving an old Sherman on the road. It wasn't so much the driving, as I think it was licensed, it was that the gun was still functional (and maybe loaded, can't remember but think so). Back then I think he got off rather lightly. Just a medium fine and the promise to have the barrel leaded, or some such. Made for a heck of a story though! And, yes, it was HIS tank.

  2. Some people get to have too much fun!.

    I sent that to my Dad, he'll get a chuckle out of that.