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The Dresden Files

So, a few days ago I used the fact that my wife had bought me the first 4 books of Jim Butcher's Dresden Files series as an excuse for low blog output, and promised a review of the books to make up for it.

I'm generous like that.

First off, it IS a series, and the stories build upon on another.  Because my wife rocks, she actually, you know, talked to someone at our local book store, and asked if the reading order was important.  The valued employee said that they could be read in any order, but for the best experience, you should read them as released. 

I agree.  I think if you read them out of order, there is enough story there you would get something out of it, but there would also be a few statements he makes that you would just have to take on faith, without actually getting anything out of it. 

For those who know nothing about the series, it follows the exploits of on Harry Dresden, professional wizard and private investigator in an alternate Chicago where there are all manner of supernatural creatures about.  Vampires, werewolves, Sidhe(fairies), ghosts and many other things that I'm sure I haven't been exposed to yet. 

Live as a PI and the only wizard in the phone book is not all fun and games for Harry.  He had a rough upbringing, nearly being killed by his mentor, before killing him, and as such he is constantly questioned and under watch from the ruling council of wizards, who don't trust him.

Life likes to poop on Harry....a lot.  While he is a powerful wizard, he is regarded as nothing more than a fake and charlatan by most of the population, unless his help is needed. 

It's a good series so far...not literature by any means, but what they would describe as a 'rollicking good ride!'.  They are fast reads...usually by the time you get halfway through the book, you don't want to put it down.  As I stated, I got the first four books for Christmas and had them read 8 days later.  I wanted to make them last longer, but it was tough to 'savor' it.

All in all, I would compare the books very favorably to Mr. Correria's writing style, with the feel probably closer to his Spellbound series, even though the Dresden Files are set in the here and now...they just both have that 'gritty' feel.

Negatives?  Yeah....and this just might be me.  For a PI, Harry doesn't always seem to do a lot of investigation.  I mean, he starts trying to investigate, but after talking to 1 or 2 folks, but for the most part, he solves his problems by the 'shake things up' method...after asking a question or two, and usually ignoring a warning to 'just stay out of it', the bad guys try to take Harry out, helping him figure out just who is behind his problems.

I don't know...maybe most detective fiction is that way.  I must admit, reading about Harry getting out of trouble is more exciting than reading about him accessing the DMD database for license plate information. 

On the good side, one of the things I really like is that Harry doesn't always win.  He usually solves his main plot point in each book, but because the series is built for the long haul, it's not always a happy ending.  There are several 'Empire Strikes Back' moments, where Harry ends up worse than when he started, so that is neat...it keeps things from being too predictable. 

If you enjoy sci-fi/fantasy at all, these are worth reading.

The worst part for me, it is that I have completed the books on hand.  Now I can start keeping my eyes out for the next book in the series at the local used book stores.  Or wait until my wife reads the 4 we've already got so I can justify spending the cash to buy book 5 new, since it's for 'the both of us.' 


  1. There's a whole set of short stories in the set too, they help fill in some odd bits, and you see Harry do a bit more detecting, though he does like the "shake it till to gives me something" method alot I have to agree.

    My only other warning to anyone picking up the books, the first Dresden books were Mr Butcher's first published books. There are some "new author" problems in them that can turn off some readers. Keep on reading, it gets SO MUCH BETTER, I promise!

  2. You are right on the first one...it's one reason I'm glad I read the first 4 prior to doing any kind of a review...not sure I would have been as positive after just the first book...he's very repetative in some of his descriptions, but like you said, it's 'new author' stuff that he gets over.

  3. The Dresden books are some of my current favorites. Only problem being that they don't come of fast enough. Have you considered the library? My local one carries them. Yours may as well.

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  5. First, wanted to tell you how much I enjoy your blog. It is so nice to hear from an average joe (no insult intended) and to read about his love of family, country, hunting, cooking, etc. As an average joe myself, your blog resonates something fierce for me, and I have enjoyed it immensely. So on that note, let me suggest an author (John Ringo) and a group of books he has written called the Paladin of Shadows. The 6th book just came out January 1st, but the first 5 are available for free. Don't think this marks him as a mediocre author, as he has had several NY Times Best Sellers. Just let me know you are interested and I will forward the link to the free EBooks. Truly believe this is a series you would enjoy. Just google the author for more info. Wishing you and your family a very, very happy new year!

    Richard (ripett9@google.com)

  6. I'll second the library recommendation. I've enjoyed the series, thus far. And I understand there's a new one for me to look for.
    -- ARRognlie

    1. It is called "Tiger by the Tail" and is another fun read. You can get it from Amazon as either a hard copy book or in the usual e-formats, although I downloaded it directly from the publishers (Baen Books). Hope you enjoy!

  7. Oddly enough, my wife (who is not a big fantasy fan) just loved the Dresden Files novels, when I let her read my copies. My only complaint about the series is that Butcher just can't write them fast enough for me.

    1. Well, that is always a problem when reading a series...plus the sadness you feel when that series ends. Luckily, I still have a fair amount of catching up to do on this series.

  8. At the risk of coming across all DUM, I really hadn't thought library. Usually when I go to the library I am in 100% non-fiction mode...