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Confession time.  I'm a sucker for magic.  Whether you want to call it slight of hand with cards, dice or balls or illusion, or just plain magic...I can't get enough.  I think it might have something to do with my sausage like fingers...I'm jealous of folks who are able to do that kind of manipulation.

My current 'guilty pleasure' is a show from Britain, called Penn and Teller: Fool Us.The point of the show is to have a bunch of magical acts come in and try to fool Penn and Teller. If they succeed, then they get to go to Las Vegas and open for Penn and Tellers show at the Rio. What's nice is that Penn and Teller are very positive on the show, and go out of their way not to give anything away, so the folks can keep using their act.

Can't believe the British were trying to hide this from us.  The trick above happens to be my personal favorite, so far. 

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