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Waste of a perfectly good half of a state...

I like central New York.  Thanks to the Navy and Puget Sound Shipyard, I have spent roughly a year and a half in the Saratoga Springs area, and while it isn't Washington, it's plenty pretty, and I really like the 4 seasons nature of the area. 

For a long while, the power plants on Lake Ontario, around Oswego and Rochester, were high on my list of employment alternatives if circumstances ever chased me out of Washington.  I would much rather have lived in Central/Western New York than the alternatives of Illinois or Ohio.  Ick.

It's sad day though, as New York prepares to pass what I would classify as a draconian new gun control law.

Holy Moly...if I read that right(which is always a concern in the way some news articles are written), would render any rifle possessing even ONE 'military rifle feature' an Assault Weapon.  What I can't find out is if it would render all those pistol grip turkey shotguns assault weapons. 

Let's see...background check for sales of 'assault weapons' to any non-family members.  SEVEN round magazine limits instead of 10, with one year to sell your higher capacity magazines to folks out of state(anyone interested in selling me their magazines, drop me an e-mail) and even stricter punishments for shooting a first responder. 

Now...New York was already a pretty tough place as far as gun laws...but this is a horrible example of how they can force gun control through on a state level.  New York City, Chicago, Boston...and yeah, even Seattle out here have such a HUGE effect on state politics.  Washington's Legislature just started it's session today, but don't think I'm not keeping a sharp eye out on introduced legislation.  It's probably worth writing a few preemptive letters to state level folks...


  1. Whats going to be banned seems to depend on which news article you read. I got pissed during the Gov's speach last night and shut it off so I didn't hear it all. Its one of the things I need to do today is see if I can track down the actual wording as it stands.

    The whole thing makes me want to move to NH.....

  2. Yeah, the big cities have to be... mitigated against. Here in Utah, as we were seeing the problem of SLC explode, we split what had been one city-zone county up into three or four parts, then buried those parts in vast swathes of Country counties. I have already started seeing common sense, or something like it, returning to the state and that city. I think a lot of other places are going to have to consider that. Though, a place like NYC? I don't think there is enough "other" in the state to subdue it.

    Unfortunately, I don't think we can count on the courts at any level, at this point, to uphold the constitution. After, pretty much, declaring zerocare unconstitutional, then making a loophole argument for it and allowing it, the Supreme Court is all but a dead third branch.