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Dance 10, Looks 3.

See that...a musical theater reference.

Tried a new recipe for dinner last night.  Typically when I need to use up some ground turkey, it either goes into hamburger helper, taco's, or Turkey-Garbanzo Bean burgers.  Yesterday, I didn't feel like any of that though, so off I went to MY version of pintrest, Foodgawker, where I found this promising sounding recipe for Ginger Teriyaki Turkey Buns. 

Basically, it's a Chinese style sweet bun(that you would normally stuff with BBQ pork), and it's baked instead of steamed.  Ready, break.

They were pretty good...the kids really liked them, and my wife said she did.  Things weren't perfect though...for instance, mine didn't come out looking like the ones on the blog I got the recipe off of. 


I also must say I jimmied around with the 'sauce'. The recipe called for 4.5 times as much soy sauce as teriyaki sauce...and I have to believe that is backwards. After mixing it up the way it was presented, it was very strong. I added some more teriyaki, and then added a few spoonfuls of my wife's peach/strawberry jam and blended it up to bring some sweetness back.

So...on the looks, and one final warning. 

I'm not a baker.  I've had some success baking in the past, but occasionally, things still go wrong between dough and I.  The dough created by this recipe was a nightmare.  In fact, when I tired playing with the dough, this scene from Boondock Saints kept going through my head(yes, it's Boondock Saints, and they have potty mouths).

Playing with this dough, I felt like I had walked into an ambush, and yes...the was Armageddon in my kitchen.  I tried following the recipe , and kneading the dough by hand, but it was too damn sticky.  In fact, the first batch got thrown away because I noticed too much of the hair on my knuckles had ended up in it.  As Alton Brown would say, that's not good eats.

My spirit bent but not broken, I made a 2nd batch of dough(since I had the ground turkey waiting).  This time, I used the dough hook on my mixer, and I kept adding a little bit of dough until it looked like I could handle it.  I probably ended up adding an extra half cup of flour, and even this it was sticky, sticky, sticky.  I also learned that you should let the turkey cool a bit first, because hot, moist turkey causes the dough to fall apart.  And then you get mad, and just through the ball of dough/turkey on the cookie sheet anyways, which is what happened to the top right hand bun. 

In the end, it was a tasty meal...and I thick the flavor profile would work good with some swiss cheese and pineapple on a regular burger, but I'm not going to jump up and volunteer to make the 'buns' again soon. 

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  1. You have to watch it in the kitchen, it could be murder. Although it makes for a great sequel. Good job, soldier. Said laughing. Oh, no... been there done that, although with half the flourish and twice the calories and fat.