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Is there any other reason?

A few weeks ago, one of my wife's friends came to the house for a visit, and was obviously so impressed with the amount of canning that my wife had been doing, that she sent my wife this picture today. My wife liked it so much, she is using it as her profile picture on facebook.

I'm very proud of my wife...this summer and early fall was her first real attempt at canning, and she turned out roughly 50-60 pints of jam, jellies, butters, apple sauce and chopped peaches.  I know better though...this isn't nearly enough to help us survive the zombies(no veggies...maybe she gets a pressure canner for Christmas)...it's just that being stuck in an apartment requires you to get imaginative with your food storage. In the past, I've talked about our 5 gallon bucket head board...now, we are lucky enough that the last batch of peach/strawberry jam and apple sauce my wife canned matches enough fall colors that we are able to store them in plain sight, without violating any of the aesthetics my wife craves.

The rest of the jars are in the base of the hutch.  Mmmm...14 jars of peach butter...

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