Adventures of a Modern Day, Middle-Aged Hero, on the Glory Road(to family security)


You said we could watch!

So, a few days ago we noticed that our corn snake, Gloria, was doing a lot of hiding.  When I did some checking, she was looking very dull, and her eyes had turned grey, which were signs that she was going to be shedding soon.  Both the girls were excited by this, and daddy had to promise that if she started shedding while the girls were upstairs playing, I would let them know so they didn't miss any of the 'excitement'.

Well, because all women are out to get me to one extent or another, she decided to do the deed overnight last night, and so I woke up this morning to find a shed skin winding it's way around the tank, and her acting all frisky and hungry.  I am an experienced enough father at this point to realize that the snake had set me up, and the girls were not going to be happy.  While I couldn't totally salvage the situation, I was smart enough not to throw the shed skin right into the trash can.

I was somewhat correct...the girls were both a little upset that they had missed the live show, but neither one of them blamed me for it.  Saving the skin was a good idea.  Youngest daughter pronounced that it felt like 'bubble wrap' and then asked if she could save it to bring in for show and tell at her 'Creepy Crawly' workshop she goes to every Wednesday.  So, being a dutiful parent, I stuck it into a zip-lock baggy.  We'll see how many angry letters I get from the other parents who's kids go to this workshop.


  1. If the parents don't like it they can stop sending their kids to a "Creepy Crawlies" workshop. Surely there's a "Disney Princesses" workshop for the squeamish.

  2. afterthought: "Teachable Moment" Remind the girls that classy females are rather picky about who is allowed to watch them undress.