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Well, that wasn't what I was planning on using it for...

Got home from work today to find a box from Midway USA waiting for me.  Yay!  It was my two new boxes of Hornady .35 Whelen I had ordered, as well as a box of 25 rounds of Sellier & Bellot 00 Buck I had ordered to 'round out the price of my order'.  Hey...you rationalize your way, I'll rationalize mine.

Everything arrived looking shipshape(I've never had any problem with ANYTHING I've ordered from Midway).  The box of Sellier & Bellot caught my eye....most ammo boxes come with a cute little picture or silhouette showing you possible uses that the manufacturer had in mind for your ammunition.  This box of 00 Buck had a little drawing of a fox, and then a rabbit. 

 I've never been to the Czech Republic...but if they are using OO Buck on their rabbits, I'm impressed.  Of course, I only ordered the 2 3/4 inch shells...I'll bet if I ordered their 3" stuff, it would have come with something a little more manly than a rabbit on the box....

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