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Selling my soul...

Cowboy Blob, struggling film student, is so desperate for people to post reviews on his latest short, a parody audition for the reality TV show Top Shot, that he is willing to offer free blog advertising on HIS blog.  How can I resist that?  The increased readership might move up my plans to take over the world by a few months!

At first I considered being a big old fat liar, and just using some of my old favorite 'Passive-Aggressively Negative' write-ups I used to use when I wrote evals in the Navy...things like 'Often arrives at work on time'....'Seldom requires more than three opportunities to complete the job correctly'....'Frequently praised by co-workers for meeting minimum standards of personal hygiene'...that kind of stuff.  But I decided, the least I could do was give Bob the courtesy of watching his little creation.

First, as with all things, a little disclaimer.  As someone who has existed without cable TV for most of the last 18-months, I have not watched a single episode of 'Top Shot', so it's quite possible that some of the humor missed me...for example, the early reference to being married three times.  It did make me want to start at least keeping an eye on the TV show though...

It was a cute little video, with some obvious effort put into the production/packaging.  I'm very jealous of the many firearms displayed during the video, and also the obvious real world shooting skills worked into the short movie.  My favorite line is when the applicant refers to himself as a 'Contract operator at an undisclosed shopping establishment'...I just wish there had been someway to work the actual word 'ninja' in there somewhere.

It is only right around 2:30 seconds long, so there isn't much time to find anything wrong with the video.  Being the shallow male type, I was disappointed by his inability to work any form of eye candy into the video, especially with the movie poster for one of his other shorts, 'Always' prominently displaying a comely young lady on his website.  Darn you to heck for not working any hotties into this audition, Bob.

Now, on youtube, one of the people to review Bob's video threw me for a loop, by criticizing Bob for playing into anti-gunnies hands with this video.  I kind of think that is coming on a little strong...every step along the way, Bob makes it clear that this video is a PARODY.  At now point did I expect this to be an Eddie Eagle NRA safety video for the kiddies.  It did make me giggle though...as long as I find out that no beer was injured during the filming of this video...

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