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Best Spaghetti Sauce EVER.

In the past, my wife has attempted to make her own spaghetti sauce with varying results...today though, she nailed it.

She started with two cans of diced tomatoes, and a pound of bulk Italian sausage.  That a pretty good start.  On top of that, she added a few diced green tomatoes she got from a friend yesterday, and some pepper, AND some carrots.  Throw in some basil, and lots of garlic, and some olive oil, and then a few dashes of Chipotle Chalula hot sauce. 

All that sounds intriguing, but it gets better(in my opinion) because that's when inspiration took over, and she took the immersion blender to the whole mess, before letting it simmer away on the stove top for about 4 hours. 

The result was almost too thick to work with spaghetti...but it was PERFECT for using on rigatoni.  If I had my way, I would have just sat at the table with the pot of sauce and a loaf of french bread until I ran out of either the bread or sauce, or stomach room.  Using the immersion blender meant that the Italian sausage flavor was EVERYWHERE. 

Best news is that there was enough to freeze the leftovers for 'some other time.'

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