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I feel so naive...

I'm not afraid of self-identifying the fact that I am not very 'hip'.  Never have been, and that's alright...I've gotten through life okay without being on the cutting edge of either technology or society.  Occasionally though, when something finally does make it through my bubble of ignorance, I am totally blown away by just how out of touch I am.

Case in point would be this story today,where the Washington State Pharmacy Board has announced a ban on the manufacture, sale, and possession of 'Bath Salts'.  Since the wife and I have been known to occasionally throw some Epsom salt and lavender essential oil in the bath tub, I was bit concerned by this.  I had NO IDEA that there were bath salts out there that could simulate the effects of cocaine and ecstasy...it makes fizzy bath bombs that smell like flowers sound pretty lame. 

I guess that the term 'bath salts' must have been some kind of inner city slang though, because these 'bath salts' only have the effect when snorted, smoked, injected or ingested.

Yuck...I'm sure just straight Epsom Salt would have weird effects on you if you smoked it or snorted it, let alone put some essential oils on it. 

I'm just continually amazes me what people will think of to do to their bodies.

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  1. Epsom salt = magnesium sulfate. Nasty stuff. Ask your wife about it some time. It has medicinal use, though not in salt form. I had it with the first baby & wound up NPO for 24hrs after her birth.

    I'm sure Spice is all about the chemicals. Apparently it's pretty dangerous, so of course we have to stop idiots from Darwinning themselves.