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Like I need something NEW to want...

While visiting my friend this weekend, before the Halloween party really got going, he said 'Hey, I got a new gun...want to see it?'


Because he didn't want it to turn into a massive production(and I'm not entirely sure his girlfriend knows he bought it yet) we crept quietly up to his bedroom.  It turns out a new guy that recently started in his shop is a C&R dealer, and he managed to convince my buddy that no one should have to go through life without a Polish P-64.  From talking to my buddy, it didn't take too much convincing for him, much like it wouldn't for me.

Seems like a well built little pistol.  Very solid feeling, but that might just be because I'm someone who has gotten increasingly used to polymer, and it's all metal construction makes it feel heavy for it's size.   The magazine release would take a little getting used to, and the sights were 'meh', but gosh, for something that feels like you can run it over with truck, that you can get your hands on for under $200...umm, there's a lot to like.

A quick look at ballistics shows that the 9X18 round has about 10% more energy than a .380, but is about 30% of a good 9mm load, so my initial thought that it was midway in between the two rounds is pretty far off.  9mm Luger is by far the superior round. 

I think my wife might enjoy the P-64.  Any minor increased recoil from the 9mm Mak round over the .380 she used to would be more than offset by the weight difference between her Firestorm and the P-64(about 4 or 5 ounces).

Heck, it might even fit into the Christmas budget...

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