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Maureen Hope

Today is my youngest daughters birthday...she turns 6 today, and well, like most birthday's of your youngest child, these things tend to hit mommy and daddy(especially mommy) really hard.  Our baby is growing up.

Let's add in the fact that at her 6-year check up,it was recommended we get her screened for glasses, where we were told she does have an astigmatism in both eyes, and we should get her wearing glasses.  Darwin would say this is not big surprise, as both my wife and I wear glasses, there was a good chance at least one, and possibly both of our girls will need glasses. 

One of the presents she got for her birthday(well, a week early) were her new glasses.  Even with them being pink with butterflies on the side, they instantly made her look about 3-years older.(picture of proof, since I accidentally deleted the picture I wanted to use, to follow.  I wonder if she want's a new SD card for her birthday).

On the way home from the eye doctors with her new glasses, she told my wife 'Mommy, did you know stop signs have both an 'S' AND a 'P''!   We have also already seen an improvement in the 'shakiness' of her writing, indicating maybe she was just seeing things blurry, and couldn't tell the difference. 

When I get home from work, we get to go out to dinner, with her picking the restaurant.  Pretty sure that means an evening at Sheri's....but at least the company will be good.


  1. She is only three weeks older than my number three girl! You have prompted me to get Ro's eyes checked ASAP; that may well be why she's having problems with her writing.

    Happy birthday to your little girl. Fantastic name, by the way. It's the sort I always go for--a real name that everyone will recognize, but not so common she runs into others with it constantly. (My '05 baby has a virtue middle name too--Joy.)

  2. We like the name...Maureen came from Robert Heinlein...she's Lazarus Long's mom, and quite a character(well, if you can leave out the whole incest thing). Hope...well, our older daughters middle name is Hunter, and we wanted to stay with the 'H'...and well, she is my hope for the future, so, that's what i was thinking of, although my wife was looking at it a little more like you...a good, old-fashioned virtue name.