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Why, yes, I am man enough to pull it off...

On the way home from work today, I swung into the Big Lots(or as I call it, 'The Dollar-Twenty-Five Store') for a little look-around.  I really wasn't looking for anything in particular, but I try to jump in at least once every two weeks just to see what new item they have in stock, since some things rotate through on a rapid basis.

I prefer Big Lot's about 17 to 1 over The Dollar Store, since there are time when Big Lots actually gets some half-way decent name brand items in.  Case in point was yesterday, when I noticed some Bic Soleil 4 Bladed razor refills on sale for $3 a 4-pack.  Now, SWMBO prefers the Gilette Venus line, and since I prefer smooth legs, I let her get what she is happy with...

I'm not the type the let a deal like that go wasted though.  Under a buck a piece for replacement razor cartridges is a pretty good price....like 40% under what even the store brand cartridges were selling for next store at Walgreen's and Safeway.  That was the point where I had to ask myself...Does it really matter what color razor I'm using in the privacy of my own bathroom?  Nope, not one little bit.

So, I bought one razor, and the 5 packs of extra cartridges they had on their shelf.  All total, that's 22 cartridges, and since I shave every other, or every third day, realistically, I have taken care of my facial hair removal needs for at least the next two years, for under $20....all because I'm man enough to use a pink razor(although I think it's more red than pink...or maybe it's salmon...)

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