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Can't believe they didn't ask for 'A Shrubbery'.

This story really has an 'Only in Seattle' feeling about it. 

Occupy Seattle protesters submit list of demands to mayor

So, these folks are illegally camping out in Westlake Park, in downtown Seattle, and rather than being thrown out of the park, or arrested, the Mayor says, 'Give me a list of your demands, and I'll let you stay in Westlake Park longer, while I consider your demands.'

This really shouldn't surprise ANYONE.  Prior to being elected mayor of Seattle, Mike McGinn had never been elected to a public office.  He is a lawyer, a 'neighborhood activist', and former state chair of the Sierra Club.  If he wasn't mayor, he would probably be camping out in Westlake Park WITH these people.   

I'm not a resident of Seattle, but I am sure some of the State Taxes I pay trickle down to Seattle's budget at some point, so I can express my GREAT displeasure that McGinn would offer up City Hall Plaza to these folks, instead of telling them to pack sand.  

If I was an employee of City Hall, I think my head might explode if McGinn gives in to some of these demands...especially allowing the 24-hour access to City Hall bathrooms(I can't imagine these folks are the type to wipe off the toilet seat), and giving them a reserved parking space by City Hall.  Sure...go ahead and put it closer than the 'Employee of the Quarter's spot...we wouldn't want to give the impression that hard work coud earn you something that protest couldn't get you even faster.  

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