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Better take the whole month off, just in case...

I'm a comic book guy.  I spent many tens of dollars each month as a teenager to keep myself supplied with comics.  Just because I was primarily an X-Men fan doesn't mean I'm not pretty well pleased with he latest round of movies to come out of Marvel Studios, getting us ready for The Avengers.  The trailer released this week has 'happy as a little girl'.

Dang...there are about 90 BILLION things in this world worse than a red-headed Scarlett Johansson(although my legal department advises me to point out that there are at least three things better...the three amazing ladies I share my apartment with).  For the ladies, you have a buffed up Chris Evans as Captain America, and a buffed-up Chris Hemsworth as Thor(although, from that one quick trailer, I'm not sure he is as buffed-up in The Avengers as he was in the Thor Movie...dude was impressively big in that movie.)

The Trailer on shows that it is coming out in May of 2012, with no actual date.  My guess would be that it is going to come out sometime around the Memorial Day weekend, but, there are somethings in life we just can't take chances on, so for now, I'm putting in for all of May off.  My boss is going to point out I won't have the leave time on the books for all that, and I'll counter him that by January, I can probably narrow it down to just one weekend I will need off.

Oh my gosh, that's like 8 months out....is this how those poor teenage girls addicted to Twilight feel?

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