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Freebies and Samples!

While I was off this weekend, getting all muddy and tired, with only a few cups of Rose Hips to show for it, my wife was providing for the family another way...Saturday she took the kids and went to the Tri-Cities Women's Expo with a couple of friends.

If you've never been to a Women's Expo, it's just like any other 'Trade Show'...row upon row of vendor convincing you that you need what they are trying to sell...which means one thing...FREEBIES and SAMPLES

Before we go to far...yes, my wife did have to pay to get into the show....admission for her was $7...the kids were free.  With the haul she got, I consider this to be a very good deal, especially since the show also provided entertainment. 

A mostly complete list of the FREEBIES and SAMPLES, just in case you are still leery/doubtful of attending a Women's Expo: 

3 bottles of water.
2 different flavors of Honest Ade(Cranberry Lemonade and Pomegranate Blue)
4 8oz On The Go Chocolate Silk's
2 7oz tubes(like you would buy in the stores!) of Weleda Pomegranate Body Wash
10 Tooth Brushes(good one...Colgate and Oral-B)
10 Travel Size tubes of tooth paste(crest, colgate)
6 Four Meter Sample sized floss containers(Oral Hygiene is very important)
6 tubes of lip balm
8 resusable(canvas, plastic lined) shopping bags.


That's just the big stuff...as far as 'sample sized' things: 3 L'A'RA Bars, 3 One Serving Squeeze Tubes of Peanut Butter(right in the bug out bags), a few things of Tiger Balm, some soap, different tea bag, Anacin, some absorbent feminine products(which will also probably find themselves in Bug Out Bags, or first aid kits), and, most interestingly, two samples of Zestra Essential Arousal Oils...


Anyway...just the tooth brushes alone show a profit off the admission fee.  Throw in the tooth paste, and she covered gas money, while the 2 tubes of Pomegranate Body Wash cover the cost of lunch, and then some. 

Have I mentioned lately that I LOVE THIS WOMAN?

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