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A woman scorned...

Presented without comment, other than maybe he should have bought her some flowers occasionally.

Ex-wife claims reward for tip in Seattle arsons
The tip that led to the conviction of Kevin Todd Swalwell in a string of Seattle arsons came from his ex-wife.
Police, fire and insurance officials presented 46-year-old Carol Iverson with a reward Monday.
Fire Department spokesman Kyle Moore says she shared the $18,500 with her brother, 42-year-old Robert Iverson, who persuaded her to call officials with her suspicions.
Swalwell was blamed for 19 fires set in Seattle's Greenwood neighborhood in 2009 that caused damage estimated at more than $2 million. He pleaded guilty to setting 10 fires and was sentenced to 30 years in prison.
One of the fires damaged the Taproot Theater where the reward was presented.

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