Adventures of a Modern Day, Middle-Aged Hero, on the Glory Road(to family security)


Excuse me, I was just leaving.

Just back from the gun range....I had to go put a few rounds of the new Hornady .35 Whelen rounds I bought through my gun, and get it re-zeroed.  Since I was going, I threw my lever-action .357 in the truck too, for use while the Whelen was cooling down.

I was happy by the end of my session.  I had the Whelen shooting 2.5 inches high at 100yards, which should have it about 8-inches low at 300.  My last two round, I rang the 300 yard gong, and then the 450 yard gong, not that I plan on any 400+ yard shots. 

After punching holes in the paper for a while with my Marlin, I decided to see what I could do at long range with it.  Bullet drop in a 158gr .357 is kind of impressive.  I finally found the right hold over, and was able to hit the 300 yard gong...once out of 5 tries, but did better on the 200 yard torso shaped target...I hit it with 4 out 5 shots, holding about 12-16 inches high.  The tough part there was holding the rifle on center when the target was totally blocked out of sight by the barrel.

With it being the last day before modern deer season, things were getting more crowded, and I was glad I had been waiting for them to open at 9.  About half-an-hour before I had been planning to leave, a fresh batch of folks showed up.  A few minutes into their session, one of them was going up and down the firing line, asking if anyone had 7mm ammo they could 'look at'.  

Well...that's an attention getter, especially when you get a blank stare when you ask if it's 7mm Rem Mag, or 7mm-08 or, 7mm Short Magnum.  Not having any 7mm at all, but being a curious/nosy person, I moseyed on down the line to see what was going on., when someone did produce a 7mm Rem Mag round.

'Heck, that doesn't look like what I bought at the store yesterday!'  Hmmm...and the headstamp isn't the same either...this one says 7mm Rem Mag, and these say 300 Win Mag....Hmmmm....

Gulp.  Yup....some dude was trying to stuff .300 Win Mag rounds into his new Savage 7mm Rem Mag...and he couldn't understand why his day would have gotten SOOOOOO much worse if he had succeeded in stuff the .300 Win Mag round in his new gun.

That's when I decided that I really didn't need to stick around any longer to move my target closer to work with my S&W...there will be other times for wheel gun practice. 

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