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Gone Hunting

Heading out shortly to head to elk hunting camp.  Little different set-up then my deer hunting trips.  We have 2 or three trailers, a snow-mobile hauler that we leave empty and put a cot and heaters in, and a wall tent with a propane heater.  Over this first weekend, there will be between 12-15 of us, so...it's a big group.

Some of the guys are there more for the camp experience than the hunting, which is fine..me...I don't mind the camaraderie, but the hobby is soooooo expensive now that I need to put in the effort, and the time in the woods.  Sometimes, I fear it makes me anti-social with my fellow hunters, because I will go out an hunt alone in the afternoon...but it kills me to sit in camp from 10am-2pm.  These animals ARE out moving during that time of day.  This isn't a carefully managed hunting ranch...these animals have been pushed around and hunted for 6 weeks now....there schedule is no longer making sense.

It's luck...you need to be there when one of those few spike elk that are out walk past the area you should be sitting...and not taking a nap at 1 in the afternoon because you killed a few too many brain cells the night before.

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