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You might not consider it a good thing, but...

Over the last two days, I have seen a huge increase in traffic due to being linked on two new blogs...Now realize, in my case, this huge increase means going from 11-14 hits a day to 60-80 hits a day...an increase of  between 430-700%!!!!!!.  Put that on a chart, and it means I am only another 4 or 5 links away from being one of the biggest sites on the internet!  Which of course proves what Mark Twain had to say about lies, damn lies, and statistics.

So, special thanks to Kurt at A Trainwreck in Maxwell, Jay at MArooned, and Sabra, at Trailer Park Paradise, who was the first person depraved enough to link to this fine place you now find yourself.

In other news, had a fine, fine Valentines Day dinner with my family at our kids favorite restaurant, Shari's.   'But dad...they put smiley faces on the pancakes!!!!!!'   Despite having done this for my daughters many times at home, they say I do not do it as well as Shari's does.  Could be....I do do it cheaper though.  Tonight Shari's was MUCH busier than I thought it would be at Shari's, to the point that it was 93 minutes from when we walked in to when we walked out.  I am pretty sure that was the longest I have ever been in a Shari's.  It wasn't our waitress fault...they just got slammed by other people who didn't feel like staying home to cook, but knew that there was zero chance of getting into a better restaurant on Valentines Day. 

The kids are in bed, and my wife is currently abusing my crackpot.  It's full of Kool-Ade and Yarn, as she attempts a new-to-her method of dying yarn.  I have a hard time believing that Kool-Ade would form a colorfast dye for yarn, AND if it does, it will make it that much longer before I actually drink it again.

I am happy that with her dying, crocheting, knitting, and needle felting she has something to keep her busy at night.  And the product she turns our is not bad.  This is a hat she made for my daughter for Valentines Day.  She dyed the yarn herself, and calls the color Fruity Pebbles.  Because she thought people might be curious, it is Jacquard Acid Dye and Superwash Yarn.

She is really good at making hats, scarves, and pot holders.  I keep picking at her to start practicing on socks for me.  To me, knitted wool socks would be the ultimate. 


  1. I was the first person to link you? Serious?

    Also: Yes, Kool-Aid works as dye for wool yarn. It will not, much to my chagrin, dye cotton diapers. One has to actually buy commercial dyes for that. And then not lose them. So your wife is ahead of me there. And she totally needs her own blog.

    Before she knits you socks, she needs to crochet herself these: http://www.crazycoley.com/2009/07/july-sock.html

  2. And strange you should mention my wife needing a blog...she decided to start one this week:


    I showed her the fish-net socks...she thought they were cool, but while she likes knitting and crocheting things, she has not really learned how to read a pattern yet...everything she makes she just kind of wings it.

  3. Patterns are only loose guidelines for me, so your wife really isn't missing out on anything. This post from that same blog explains the general sock-making method; it's talked out rather than written as a pattern: http://www.crazycoley.com/2009/01/basic-crochet-sock.html