Adventures of a Modern Day, Middle-Aged Hero, on the Glory Road(to family security)


Reason Number 1,545,984 I love my wife

In preperation for watching the Superbowl at my friends house, I decided to make a Bacon Explosion(or 2) and then, since we had many boxes of brownie mix, why not make some brownies too?

Flush with my recent baking successes making scones, cookies, and blueberry muffins from scratch...how hard could brownies be?

Got my ASS kicked.  The baking...not tough.  Getting the brownies out of the pan?  Toughest thing I have done in my life.  I had to make two pans of brownies just to get enough presentable brownies on a plate.  The only positive result of this was that I had a bowl of failed brownie pieces for us to chomp on. 

At one point, my wife brought her empty tea cup in the kitchen, and feeling a moment of inspiration, grabbed some of the left over bacon crumbles that didn't get in the Explosion, and rolled it into a ball of brownie crumbs, and popped into her mouth.

Her eyes got HUGE as she chewed on it, and I interpreted what came out of her mouth as 'You have GOT to try this.' 

Never one to ignore what my wife tells me to do, I repeated her technique, and tried some myself.  It was pretty A-Okay.  The only thing that prevented me from showing up at my friends house with plate of brownie bacon balls was a shortage of bacon bits. 

Someday, the world will be ready for what we discovered today. 


  1. Parchment paper is your friend. It's cheap and it works.

  2. See...I used parchment paper very successfully with my chocolate chip cookies...not sure why I didn't think to have at my 9 X 13 with parchment paper.