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Just make yourself at home...

So, the first night and day with my new border, Cat, has been interesting.  I am not going to try to psychoanalyze a cat, if such a thing is possible, but not knowing anything about this cats past history, I'm going to go out on a limb and say it has some 'abandonment issues' that have resulted in hard-core separation anxiety.  It's been like having a meowing stalker...

There is no shyness here.  I remember when we first brought home our last cat, Missy, she hid from us for like 48 hours before starting to meet the family.  This guy I had to toss him out of the bathroom twice so I could have some privacy for my shower, and then he meowed outside the bathroom the whole time.  If I am on the couch, he sits on the couch with me.  If I am on the computer, which you can see from the couch, he gets up and sits at my feet.  If I am folding laundry and putting it away, he follows behind me, meowing until I sit down again. 

I want very badly to not like him as he sits curled up by feet as I type this.  Due to forecast overnight winds in the 40mph range tonight, I didn't put up any 'found cat' signs...but I did go looking for lost cast signs, and did some checking on craigslist...no one has noticed him missing yet. 

In other news, I went to Ranch and Home and the Mall to do some shopping for an Anniversary gift for my wife.  Our 10th Wedding Anniversary is rapidly approaching.  A couple of weeks ago, we had visited different jewelery stores at the mall, and so I bought her something she had liked then...it won't be a total surprise, but I would rather have it narrowed down to 4 or 5 'acceptable' choices, minimizing surprise instead of taking a total flier and failing. 

Ranch and Home was the third place I went to this weekend that sold firearms...and none of them had a PMR-30 in-stock.  Sigh.  I would really like to at least HOLD one prior to ordering one.  Baring a PMR-30, I am leaning towards a new pocket .380 for myself.  With the alignment pin on my P3-AT working itself out on my last range trip...I am lacking trust in it.  The Ruger LCP, the Sig P238 and Kahr P380 all look really nice. 

The only other firearm that really caught my eye this weekend was a flattop Armalite AR-10.   Asking price on it was $1350....which seemed to be too much, when I can get a PTR-91 for $200 less.  Heck...I go so back and forth over needing a .308...after reading Rawles book, Patriots, I NEEDED a .308...and then ammo prices went up, up, up.  Now...I have an AR, and and AK type...do I really want to worry about stocking ANOTHER caliber? 

Oh..you mean another caliber like 22 WMR?  Sigh. 

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  1. Check with the local shelter as well. He's a good cat, I hope he wasn't dumped.