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Don't trip trying to back-peddle so fast

A couple of days ago, I praised the Governor of Montana for some bold talk about wolves.  Turns out I may have been giving the Governor too much credit, and forgotten that as a Governor, he is just a politician, and most of the time with politicians, talk is talk

Politically speaking, it's not really back-peddling by the Governor....it's 'clarification' by his underlings. 

While the Governor bravely said his state would 'take actions on it's own' to control wolf populations along the Idaho border, a spokesman from the Montana  Fish, Wildlife and Parks Department said the agency is actually awaiting a response from Federal Officials prior to taking action on wolves in that area. 

After the Governor thumped his chest and boldly told the U.S. Interior Secretary that he had directed Montana wildlife officials to shoot "whole packs that kill livestock, wherever this may occur.  In a meeker more subdued manner, on Friday the policy was revised, to reflect what was already in place, as the governor's natural resources adviser, Mike Volesky, told The Associated Press that wildlife agents had "discretion to use whole-pack removal" — not a mandate to do so.

 Way to stay strong Governor. 

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