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You Evil, Heinous Violator...

Looking to be a good dad, Paulo Nunes-Ueno installed a sand-box for his kids at the end of the drive way, in the wide strip of grass between the side walk and the street.  It seems a pretty good use of the space...some if his neighbors installed nice looking raised flower beds and gardens, which would be my choice, but, I can see as a father why a sandbox would make sense too. 

The only problem is, it violates a Seattle statute on how close 'play structures' can be to the street, and some jack-ass went and lodged an 'anonymous complaint' with the city.  Now Mr. Nunes-Ueno is being told to move it, or face a $500 a day fine

I can kind of understand the thought process behind a rule like this...the closer a 'play structure' is to the street, the more chance kids end up in the street, and the more chance a driver taking a short cut through a residential area actually has to pay attention to driving. 

That doesn't mean I wouldn't want to take the anonymous complainer out behind the woodshed and beat them with an axe handle for about 10 minutes.  There are very few situations where I am okay with 'anonymous complainers'...and this ain't one of them.  If you feel this sandbox REALLY represents a threat to the public safety, then stand behind it with your name, and take the public ridicule you deserve for being a jack-ass. 

The only good news is that Mr. Nunes-Ueno doesn't have to pay the fines while he challenges the rule. 

If he does lose, he should just tell the city 'it's not a sandbox, it's a giant litterbox, and the kids aren't playing, they are just cleaning the almond roca out of it.' 

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