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Mmmmm....gym socks...

So, a few days ago, our next door neighbor gave us a bag full of potatoes and onions from his garden.  It was very nice of him to do that...and I highly appreciate the free potatoes.  The onions...well, a little less so.  I'm not a big onion fan.  I don't mind onion powder being added to stuff, but I don't like 'real onion'.  It's mostly a texture thing, but I'm not exactly enamored of the flavor.  Very occasionally, I will purchase a sweet onion and dice it up(almost grating it) to add to a soup or chili, out of respect for my wife.

The end result is that while we could come up with plenty of things to do with 5 pounds of potatoes, we were a bit up in the air about what to do with 5 pounds of onions.  I was all for throwing 4.5 pounds of them in the trash, but like my wife pointed out....'FREE'.

So, since I've admitted in the past I am 'okay' with using onion powder in a recipe or rub, why not make homemade onion powder.  My wife found a recipe for that...just slice them up, blanch them, and dehydrate them.  When they are dry, process them in a food processor or coffee grinder to the right consistency. 

What the recipe didn't warn you about was that the smell of dehydrating onion is MUCH different from the smell of dehydrating bananas or apricots.  I'm not saying it's a 'bad' smell....it's just much more a 'funk', like what you would expect walking into a high school locker room after August football practices...

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