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When she's right, she's right.

Over on the Range, Brigid hits a little close to home with The Anatomy of the Average Blog. 

I feel her pain...things got a little hectic at work the last few days resulting in me having to work some late, unplanned OT Thursday and Friday(supposed to be our Friday off this week.  By the time I made it home, I was a shell of pityfull self-loathing, and there was little room left in that shell for the motivation to blog. 

Or the motivation to do much of anything.  At one point I was planning on heading out early Friday morning to head up into the hills west of Naches to do some scouting.  Elk season is really only like 7 weeks away...and that time is going to go fast.  One of the big problems is summer is making one last grasp....it's supposed to be 103 tomorrow, and even in the hills it's into the mid 80's which is 30-40 degrees different than it will be by early October.  I'm not sure getting into the woods now will tell me much...and I can't carry a gun for grouse, squirrel, cougar or bear until September 1st...so I might as well wait until then to do some scouting.

Gonna settle in to watch some How I Met Your Mother with my wife...we only have about 17 episodes left to finish watching on Netflix before we are all caught up.

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