Adventures of a Modern Day, Middle-Aged Hero, on the Glory Road(to family security)


Leaving, on a jet plane.

Heading out here in a bit to live out my own personal 'Planes, Trains, and Automobiles' type adventure, except in my case, it's a bus and not train.  My brother is getting married over on the western side of the state tomorrow, and my wife and mom BOTH told me I need to be there. 

We'll go into why I'm very unexcited to go some other point.  It's a long, complicated and sad story, with the end result being I feel the bride(who had her baby shower two weeks ago) would be better off just collecting money from my brother and raising the kid on her own.  I also think there is a realistic possibility(10-15%) that at some point, my mom, or I, will end up raising another child. 

Anyway...enough negativity.  I have promised I will be good, which I am going to editorialize into 'not being bad' and hope that neutral indifference is good enough.  That needs to start now.

With my wife spending the first part of the week on the coast, it made no sense for her to drive 7 hours home yesterday just for us to turn around and drive 4 hours west today.  Instead she cut the corner and went to my moms house in the Seattle 'burbs.  Likewise, it makes NO sense for me to drive my F-150 all the way to my moms, and then have us drive two vehicles back to the Tri-Cities.

The fact that I would probably end up having both girls in my truck for the whole 4-hour drive since my wife has been with them all week was not a factor in the decision to fly west, I swear.  Instead, it is really costing the same amount, OR a bit less for me to fly 45 minutes instead of driving 4 ours.

To further save money, instead of paying to park my truck at the airport for 2 days, I am going to walk to a bus stop, and take public transportation to the airport.  This will have the added benefit of saving a 40 minute side trip Sunday afternoon once we get home. 

So...win all around.  It's been right around 2 years since I last flew...and at least I'm flying the right direction.  I have to imagine making through security at a smaller airport like what we have in Pasco is less painful than going through Sea-Tac.

Hopefully, they have smaller fingers. 

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