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At least it was a decent cat...

Dan Richards, former President of the California Fish and Game Commission, went cougar hunting back in February, and managed to bag himself a fairly decent looking cougar.  You'll notice I said 'former president' because he was removed from his position yesterday, primarily due to the controversy caused by his landing this cougar.

photo from the them there AP.
When I first read the stories about this, I was flat out mad.  I'm not big on spurious litigation, but I would have backed this guy 100% if he sued for losing his position.  But...it's a political position.  He was appointed to his position by Schwarzenegger.  While I have ZERO problem with him going to Idaho and legally hunting a cougar, a lot of folks in California do, and they raised enough of a stink that Mr. Richards saw the righting on the wall, and even voted for his own removal to make it a unanimous vote.

What I DO have a problem with, and is getting very little play in most of the stories, is that Mr. Richards had already made himself a target, because he initially didn't pay the $7,000 to go on his cougar hunt.  It wasn't until an ethics complaint was filed that he paid his own way.  I know that THAT is also politics, but it upsets me just as much as any other junket a politician goes on.  

I mean...does politics have to be dirty at EVERY level?  

Sorry...redundant question.  Maybe I'm just jealous.  I wouldn't take a free cougar hunt, but I might have a harder time turning down an outfitted elk hunt in Idaho, Wyoming or New Mexico.  Heck...or in Washington.   

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