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Wedding Success

On Saturday evening, my brother got married.  As Borat would say, the wedding was a 'great success'.  Both the bride and the groom said 'I Do', which is kind of the point of the whole thing. 

As is usually the case in any large celebration where you try to save money by 'doing things yourself', there was much chaos and panic and all around 'Hair on Fire' type action going on the 128 hours before the wedding, coming to a head about 7 minutes before the band started playing 'Here Comes the Bride'. 

From there out, things were perfect.  My mom put a huge amount of effort into getting things going...and it was all worth it.  There were tears, there was cake, there was cold ziti and warm beer.  Okay, just kidding...I was in charge of the beer...it was kept on plenty of ice.

My daughters had a great time, getting to act as the dress holders and flower girls.  Their behavior was exemplary...it never gets old being told that your children are polite, well behaved, and cute. 

Our 6 year old even got to make all the other single ladies mad...she won the rugby scrum to retrieve the bouquet!

We decided NOT to participate in the whole 'garter' tradition though....

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