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Three strikes...he should be out.

Nothing like an aggravating story to get the blood boiling early on a Saturday.

Earlier this month, a 20-year old man, one Sir Stephen-Daniel Hunt of Seattle, had visitors, male and female, in his apartment.  The fact that the male and female were boyfriend and girlfriend didn't stop Mr. Hunt from throwing the girl to the ground and attempting to rape her right in front of her boyfriend. 

Now, if the boyfriend had responded(correctly) by dismembering Mr. Hunt, this story would have a happy ending.  Instead, he did stop the act, and the police were called.  Mr. Hunt was arrested, questioned, and then released by the bleeding heart legal system in King County.

HOURS later, Mr. Hunt was knocking on the door of a female acquaintance, asking her to have sex with him.  She said No.  After that, Mr. Hunt decided the problem must be he wasn't naked enough...so he stripped down, knocked on the door again, forced his way in, and commenced to pillow smothering and raping.  Sometime after that, Mr. Hunt was again collected by police, who decided maybe a real investigation was in order.

During that investigation, another female came forward and said she and several others had been spending the night at Mr. Hunts place, 'when she awoke to find Hunt on top of her attempting to remove her pants. The woman said Hunt’s genitals were exposed at the time.'

She screamed, and things were broken up.  She didn't report it because Mr. Hunt apologized, and she forgave him since he said he was high at the time.  This brings out a whole fresh amount of rage on my part...but I'm trying hard to not get angry at a potential victim, even though by her inaction two other women were since put through heck.

One might finally think after three sexual assaults(the third unfortunately successful) this guy would be locked up and someone would have forgotten where the key way, and you would only be half right.  He is still in jail...but he's got bail set at $500,000, meaning his family could post bail, and he could sexually assault woman #4 HOURS after getting out of jail...AGAIN.

So, if you were wondering the going rate to be able to rape someone, the answer in King County is $500K. 

When, oh, WHEN!!!! are we as a society going to figure out sexual offenders aren't like 'other' criminals.  There is no 'rehabilitation', and as a tax-payer I am OFFENDED that money that could go to schools is going to lifetime monitoring of 'sex offenders'(once again, statutory rape does not a sex offender make in my book)...

I will gladly volunteer my time and services to dispose of this creep for the good people of King County. 


  1. "once again, statutory rape does not a sex offender make in my book)..."

    That's the thing nobody wants to talk about. All those "sex offenders" running loose, justify the need for the VAWA funds that make prosecutors look so gung-ho. But of course we can't afford to jail EVERY "sex offender."

    Publicly admitting that most "sex offenders" are not predators, would blow the whole charade. The charade is profitable; as to the real victims of the real predators? Oh well.

  2. This is what happens when somebody ignorantly pontificates on something heard in the news. The story of Stephen Hunt is a more tragic one than this. It is the story of a young man loved by and loving of those in his life, and within less than a month an ill conceived experimentation with methamphetamine had taken him away, amplifying and expanding and twisting otherwise normal traits into a person we didn't recognize as one of our close friends, making what happened to those first two women more tragic than it seems. It is an especially painful thing to harden your heart to a loved one and have to push him away, put him away, but what happened brings the blood to boil, a visceral taste of disgust to the tongue, and deep wounds to our hearts.

    Your post is unbelievably shallow, intellectually and morally, and dripping with fake bravado that should be insulting to anyone beyond the black and white views of a grade school child.

    1. Agreed.
      I am in no way excusing what Stephen has done, but there is more to this story.

      All of this is a lot more sad and tragic than people will ever know or understand.

  3. thank you Jordan. i agree with u. the steve i know came to stay with me for 2 weeks. we had a great time. no sex involved. then a year later i traveled from pennsylvania to visit him in seattle. i stayed with him for 5 days in his apartment. again nothing sexual at all. it breaks my heart to hear what happened. i do belive there is hope provided he stays away from drugs.

  4. I wish you would understand how sad the story of Stephen is. You have absolutely no idea what you are talking about, and fuming against one of the millions of cases because it's the one you read about does not make anything you say true or acceptable in any way. I loved Stephen, for over five years we were friends and countless times he saved me from myself. If it wasn't for him I would be long gone by now and this has broken my heart a million times over.
    I was recently raped as fate would have it, he's still running free, and still I believe in rehabilitation, I know no one would do this in their right minds, nobody does it because they like to make others suffer, especially not the loving, caring man who was there for me when no one in the world would lend me an ear...