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Pop Music.

I'm not a big fan of 'pop music', and there isn't a single 'Top 40' station programmed on my car radio.  There are a few country stations, a few classic rock stations, and then a true 'mix' station, which plays music from every era, including some brandie-new stuff, meaning I am occasionally exposed to what all the cool kids are listening too.  Usually, if one of these songs, from someone like Carly Rae Cyrus Bieber comes on, I am quick to change the channel. 

However, when one of Alicia Moore's songs come on, I usually stick around to give it a listen. 

You might know Alicia Moore better as Pink, and I quite like her music.  It helps that she's on the harder side of 'pop', and more importantly, that she can actually sing.  That's a big plus when you are trying to be a successful musician.  One also can't discount the amount of snark she is able to work into her songs...not just anger, but actual snark.

Most of her songs also have the added ability to fit into the 'work out' music category...a good fast driving beat, I could put her stuff on a playlist with AC/DC and Green Day and not have it break my stride on the elliptical.  She isn't a one trick pony though...like all good rock artists, she has proved she can slow it down...her song 'Who Knew' perfectly fits into the poignant ballad category. 

Is she a little out there fashion and personality wise?  Oh sure...but when compared to Lady Gaga, Pink still seems like someone you could have a beer or two with.  She might act the part sometimes, but I think there is still a real person in there. 

Her newest song, Blow Me, has been rattling around in my head for most of the last week.  A little more electronics than guitar in this song, but I still like it...she does swear a bit if you are the type who is somewhat offended by that...

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