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Oooo....look, paint drying!

It's not all fun and games around here...yesterday I finally had to do something with all the cherry tomatoes that were piling up around here.  My wife brought a bunch to the coast with her, and I did the unthinkable, bringing some into work, but that still left me with roughly a gallon of them to do something with.

I decided to follow through the advice of BobG(and my amazing wife, which made it slightly more than 'advice', and dehydrate them. 

Let me tell you...cutting a gallon of cherry tomatoes in half to clean out the seeds and then placing them on the dehydrator is excitement personified.  According to the clock, it took slightly more than an hour.  It FELT like it took about two days, and was much less fun than sitting on the couch, watching my wife get the pits out of 15 pounds of cherries

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