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You don't say...

I was fascinated, but not at all surprised, but this story that broke today about a study from the University of Georgia about the habits of cat's when they are let outside. 

I don't know how many cat owners this would surprise.  I wouldn't be too worried about my big ol' neutered male...he's fairly satisfied with eating and sleeping.  Our kitten though...I have zero doubt she would be a stone cold killer. 

One of the times she sneaked out of the house, I gave up getting her back in by myself...I just figured either she would come back or she wouldn't.  10 minutes of trying to track her down solo was enough for me.  I was right...she was meowing at the front door within 15 minutes of me giving up.  I let her in without really looking outside.

The next morning, when I went to my truck, there was a dead pigeon on the sidewalk in front of my house.  Now...I don't know that this cute kitten tracked down and killed a pigeon in less than 15 minutes...but it was just far enough away from the house that the whole 'hitting the window' scenario seemed a little far fetched. 

I DO know that she has flat out TORE UP two toys so far...little fake feathers all over the hallway when I got home from work. 

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