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And we create chaos.

It's never to early to line up a babysitter. 

Thanks to Commander Zero, we have our first look at the trailer for the 'Years in the Making' remake of Red Dawn. 

Yup, after years of 'You can't make the Chinese the bad guys, they are our largest debt holder' development purgatory, everyone has finally agreed that the goofy North Koreans are okay to use as bad guys. 

The original Red Dawn is one of my wife's favorite movies, and it ranks fairly high on my list also.  I'm sure that unless the initial reviews are just plain disgusting, my wife and I will find ourselves catching this one at the theaters. 

Heck...if the reviews are displeasing, we will just write it off as 'Eh, critics never like movies like this anyway!' and still go see it. 

The fact that it looks like it might be set in the Northwest instead of Colorado is intriquing. 

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