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Three Wrongs and a Right.

I was reading an article yesterday about how given the lack of 'gun control' action on a national level, Democratic lawmakers in three large states are pushing to take action on their own.  The only funny part is that when I asked my wife(who is not quite as in to the politics side of gun ownership as I am) to name what three states she thought might be gaining traction in new gun control laws, she nailed it: Her answer was California, New York, and then either Illinois or Massachusetts.  The article was talking about the first three, and while I'm certain there are gun control efforts in Massachusetts, 'large states' was the focus of the article.

So, how are they gonna save us?  Illinois Governor Pat Quinn wants to enact a California style 'assault weapons ban'.  Two New York Senators have proposed legislation that would limit you to one gun purchase a month, require background checks for ALL gun sales, a firearms safety course for all gun owners(which I'm sure won't be free) and limit you to the purchase of 500 rounds of ammo in a 30 day period.  California Senator Leland Yee(who is running for Mayor of San Francisco) is trying to close the 'bullet button' loophole.  From my understanding, you can't have a magazine that detaches without a tool in California...gun owners/makers have gotten around this by installing a recessed 'bullet button' on AR's so technically you are using a tool to get your magazine out.  He wants to totally do away with detachable magazines.

The scariest part of this story is a quote from Senator Yee:

"California sets the pace for the country. If there's no action in Congress, we better do something here and hope it catches fire in other states,"

Ugg.  Hey...if anyone is setting the pace for the country, I'd much rather have it be Colorado than California.  The University of Colorado announced yesterday that it would start allowing firearms in their off campus University owned housing.  Now granted, this is a result of a court ruling...but the University isn't fighting it, and is also allowing carry of firearms on campus at anything other than a 'large, ticketed event'.

Where I'm sure the police will protect you. 

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  1. Oh by all means, let's all follow California! Right down the toilet.