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Because people aren't gazelle....

A heart-warming story out of Everett about a burglar who is going to get what he deserves, with interest.

Burglary suspect shot in leg at Everett business

So...the hero of our story, a 76-year old businessman, gets in to work at about 9:15, and finds this dumb goat, age 30, looting the place.  He produces a handgun, and tells the bad guy to stay put until the police show up.  Our would be burglar thinks to himself that there is no way a gentleman in his mid-70's can get the drop on him, so he tries throwing a computer monitor at the mature individual.  In the ensuing struggle, the bad guy gets shot in the leg, and decides that running away is a good option, where he was promptly picked up by the police.

What a perfect example of why law-abiding citizen's need to carry firearms.  If Samuel Colt hadn't made all men equal, this punk would have been right...chances are he would have had the physical advantage against a 76-year old, and things in this story would have ended very badly.  Like gazelle, the old and weak would have to live in constant fear of being preyed upon. Instead, the good guy won, and the bad guy's going to the hospital for a bit, and then jail for not long enough. 

Too bad the bullet didn't shatter his femur...but at least this guy learned if people aren't gazelle, he sure as hell isn't a lion...


  1. I don't need to be a lion with hollowpoints.

    Thanks for posting this.

    Cheers 0 B.

  2. Heh. Faster than a speding bullet, he was. Not.