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Millions of peaches, peaches for me!

We are in the heart of peach picking season here in South Eastern Washington, and yesterday my wife and kids made the first of what will be several trips to the local u-pick orchard.  The peaches ready right now are Diamond Princess, which are fine for jams and such, but are not supposed to hold up to canning as 'just peaches'.  The ones my wife prefers for that are Elberta peaches, which will be ready in about 10-14 days. 

So, for now, we get to practice.  All she brought home was about 17 pounds, which we have already pealed and sliced up.  About 2/3rds of them went in the dehydrator, and the rest are in the crockpot, cooking down until she feels like pureeing them.  She will them combine them with some frozen strawberries, and some more with previously pureeing and frozen nectarines to make some jam and butter.

In between that, she found 5 pounds of ground turkey on the 'use it now' discount shelf at Fred Meyers, marked down to under $2.00 a pound...so in between helping her(she peeled, I sliced) I browned up that 5 pounds of turkey, which is now frozen in 4 13-ounce zip lock baggies in the freezer.  With schooling, Girl Scouts, and soccer starting up again soon, it doesn't hurt to have a few bags of ready to go protein in the freezer...thawing and adding some seasoning is quicker than having to start from scratch. 

Now, I'm getting ready to start on dinner while my wife is chopping some tomatoes and peppers for salsa.  Despite what seems like extreme tomato production in the garden, we had to buy 2 pounds at the local food co-op today to get to the 6 pounds called for for her recipe. 

And yes...the whole time I was playing with peaches earlier today, this song was pinging around in my head:

And, yes, the whole time I've been playing with peaches

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