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I hope it was a good week...

If you believe the press, the apex of a submarine officers career is when he actually gets to take command of a submarine.  That tour usually last about 2.5-3 years, and while they might still get to be an Admiral, rumor is that is not as satisfying as command of a submarine. 

Other times, that tour could last a little more than a week, especially if you are a Commander Who Fakes His Own Death To Ditch His Young Mistress. 

How do you get to be a submarine commander without being smart enough to not only NOT cheat on your wife, but to not come up with something other than FAKING YOUR OWN DEATH to break up with a 23 year old? 

Way to flush a career and a marriage down the toilet.  Even if she was Katy Perry, Christina Hendricks and Kat Dennings rolled into one, I'm not sure she could be worth it. 

I'm glad there are guys like this to do dumb things so we don't always need to learn on our own. 

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  1. Not sure about Christina... Can we talk? Don't have a sub, but I do have half-a-brain...