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I'm a serial re-reader.  In my mind, there isn't a book worth reading that isn't worth reading 6 or 67 times...and my wife is the same way.  Over the last week she re-read 'One Second After' by William Forstchen.  If you haven't read it, it's a pretty good book about an EMP type TEOTWAWKI scenario. 

For some reason, while reading the book during my morning meditation before heading to work, I was struck by a sudden feeling that I was totally fooling myself.  That despite our last year of getting into canning, and stocking up on food in 5 gallon buckets, and building supplies in 'barter bins'...none of it was going to matter.  Oh sure...we have pint after pint of jam and fruit, and we have cans and vacuum sealed rice...and guns...

But there is soooooo much we DON'T have...and so many gaps and holes still to fill.  I only have one propane tank...and with first snow only 3 months away, we only have a few fire logs...let alone wood that can be measured in cords.

I got myself downright depressed. 

When I got home after work, I talked about my feelings a bit with my wife.  She agreed with me...but also pointed out how much better off we were than a year ago, when we were better off the year before.  We might not be ready for the comet or EMP pulse to hit us....but we are in good shape for an ice storm, or an earthquake.  More realistically, we are set up okay for the upcoming rise in food prices due to the drought. 

She made me feel a little bit better...which is reason number 3,417 that I married her.

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