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Well, it's worked with cigarettes...

It's not like I'm a big fan of taxes in general, so you imagine my dislike when an attempt it made to use taxes to control behavior. 

Can't pass gun-control through legislation?  Well, propose a nickle-per-bullet tax(or even $1 per bullet). 

'Sin' taxes ae no better...sooner or later, .gov gets gready, and the taxes go high enough that people do decide their bad habits are getting too expensive.  Tabacco has finally hit this point. 

Now, in an attempt to save us from ourselves, a bunch of researchers at the University of California, San Franscisco are recommending a new soda tax.  They estimate that a 1 cent an ounce tax could prevent 26,000 deaths a year. 

No word on how much money could be raised by this, but if the number the article gives of 13 BILLION gallons of 'sweetened beverages' is accurate...well, let's see...128 ounces per gallon...about 17 Billion in gained revenues a year.

Based on estimates from what I guess is a government funded study. 

It would have it's effect though...if you want to add 70 cents to a 2 liter of soda, I'm probably not going to drink as much. 

Good thing crystal light with peach schnapps tastes okay...


  1. Evan Williams green label is palatable in coffee with a touch of sugar.

  2. I don't doubt that...mostly I stick to either Khalua(well,Kapali, because I'm cheap) or Irish Cream in my coffee.