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Looking out for the lightening strikes...

While being slightly dismayed to hear that Obama's new chief of staff is an 'expert on executive powers', I really have to say I am not sure if I can find anything to dislike about the President's newest power grab, seeking the power to merge Federal Agencies.  I think the only people who can find anything wrong with it are Republican's who dislike the President on principle, because of who and what he is. 

In fact, more than just saying I can't find anything to dislike about it, I am going to acknowledge it as a bloody brilliant political move(I was going to further and say that other than Obamacara, and raising the debt limit, Barry hasn't done a lot of bad things, but upon reflection, those two things are really all he HAS done).  The Republican's biggest weapon is Obama's lack of progress on ANYTHING, and their 'Smaller Government' Mantra(which, is all just lies anyway(well, other than that CRAZY Dr. Paul).

Even if it is 'only' 3 billion in savings over 10 years, it is that 'something' type of forward progress that is perfect for the upcoming election.  Especially since the news stories are all pointing out how Reagan was the last one to have this type of power.

If Obama can make any kind of connection between himself and Ronnie, that's a huge blow to whichever RINO does get the nomination(other than that CRAZY Dr. Paul)

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  1. I think it depends on the details of his plan; it could be good or bad depending on how it is handled.