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I'm not one to judge when it comes to pets.  I am a cat person, and not a dog person.   I have a snake, which while it's is cool, doesn't actually show much affection. 

If I was not confined by living in an apartment(and being married(but it's a good confinement with side benefits), then I would probably have more than one snake, and more than one cat...and a ferret.  I just think ferret's are neato.  Oh, I've heard they can have a funk about them...but have you ever been around an 8-week old baby?  Ferret's just seem like they would be fun.  Oh...and a racoon(or a billy-bumbler).

So, I was a little caught by surprise by the newest craze sweeping my wife's facebook world: Hedgehogs.  Just this week, two of her friends have gotten hedgehogs as pets.

Now, I always thought of hedgehogs as kind of being a mini-porcupine...which wouldn't be much fun to cuddle with as a pet, but, after my wife showed me a few pictures of her friends with their hedgehogs, I will admit to being slightly intriqued.  I even visited the sickiningly sweet website Hedgies.

Only slightly intriqued though...the few breeders I checked out have waiting lists.  And they want between $175 and $200 for one. 


I'm sure they are just as cute in pictures as they would be in my apartment. 

picture from www.petside.com

Or in my snakes tank.


  1. Next year you'll be able to get them for free off Craigslist.

  2. Adorable, but do your homework. They have some FILTHY habits and are VERY high maintenance! Get a ferret and bathe him regularly.