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Better than it looks...

After getting the girls their toast for breakfast this morning, I found myself hunting in the fridge for something more 'substantial'. 

Let's see...some left over corn bread from dinner last night, some left over pulled pork and baked beans from dinner Thursday.  That's gotta be good for something.  Throw the pork and beans in the skillet, and throw some crumbled corn bread on top.  Toss in a scrambled egg and some jack cheese to bind it together and...viola!

Well...you aren't going to see that on the cover of Bon Appetit magazine.  When I walked into the living room with it, my wife seems slightly repelled, and was not at all interested in splitting it with me.  

Which was fine...I only put 1 egg in instead of two counting on not having to share.  Looks aside, it really tasted pretty good.  A very filling breakfast. 

Maybe not as good as Bacon Maple Whiskey Scones...but I have to save something to try and make on Sunday...

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  1. Looks like the stuff I toss together from leftovers sometimes. My wife has the same reaction.