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Good to hear.

Back in December, the Snohomish County Prosecutors were trying to decide if they were going to press manslaughter charges against a 67-year old man who was defending his property.  The original story can be found here, but the long and short of it, a guy came home to find someone stealing his outboard motor off his boat.  He confronted the other guy, and he got the upper hand on the thief, holding him down until the police could be contacted. 

Part of his technique for holding the guy down involved throwing his arm around his neck, and as a result the potential motor thief died. 

Many tears may have been shed, but none of them by me. 

Today, the Snohomish County Prosecutors announced that they WERE NOT going to press charges.  Not only did they feel that they didn't have enough witnesses to make a case stick, but it turns out the thief had a potentially lethal amount of methamphetamine
in his system too, so they can't even prove that the gentleman's arm around his neck is what killed him.

Hooray for the good guys!

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  1. In my opinion, any time someone gets killed trying to rob someone it should be ruled a suicide.