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A sucker born every minute...

Last week, I was floating around Midway's site, and I found that they had some of the Hornady Superperformance .35 Whelen on sale...$27 a box, which is a pretty good price, so I picked up 5 boxes, which should get me through next hunting season.

Since I was buying that, I ordered a couple of boxes of Fiocchi .380 Hollow Points, and 1000 rounds of Aquila .22's.  Then, I did something silly. 

I saw that Midway had the Hornady Z-Max ammo, and unable to resist, I ordered a box of it for my wife's Firestorm .380(and most certainly NOT for my Kel-Tec).  I mean, the box was only $1 more than the normal Hornady Critical Defence ammo.  For one box, I'll pay the buck to see if my wife smiles.  It's not something I am going to stock up on though...

I also ordered a SOG Revolver, to bring the order up to an even number.  The Revolver seems neat...it's a knife/gut hook, and a bone saw on the same handle.  Last hunting season, I found myself in the hills without a bone saw.  'Luckily', I didn't end up needing one, but I am NOT going to let that happen again.

It's not as macho as some of the bone saws that I have seen out there, but, do I really need an 18 inch saw(especially if I am not harvesting anything?)  All I really need is something that can cut the legs off at the knees, cut through the neck, and maybe help split the pelvis.

Hopefully, in September of this year, there will be a review of the SOG Revolver.  


  1. Let us know how that knife skins when you get the chance.
    The blade looks like it has just the right curve to it. How much was it?

  2. $25 for the SOG...like I said, my excuse being I have moved twice in the last 18 months, when hunting season rolled around last year, I couldn't find my bone saw, OR my gerber gut-hook. Now I at least have one of each, even if I find my other ones after I move again in March.

    Fingers crossed that I get a chance to try it out...

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